TOP 10 Best Table Saw Fences in 2021: Reviews and Buyer‘s Guide

Best Table Saw FencesNeedless to say, that table saw fences are tools used for cutting big or small lengths of woods in a precise manner.

As a result, a table saw fence is mostly used by carpenters, woodworkers/woodshop owners, who make custom furniture sets, cabinets, doors, tables, and many other wood-made home needs.

Some people think that to get the best table saw fence is to build it on your own. Nevertheless, we wrote this article to help you choose the best table saw fences for your convenience on the market in 2021.

10 Best Table Saw Fences





• 36" fence bar 
• 28" to right and 8" to left of blade
• Durable and Accurate 


• 54" max rip to the right of blade
• Easy to install
• Precise fitting

• 25" standard rails 
• 54" optional rails
• Great build quality
• Multiple sizes of tables

• Standard 79" long rails 

• 50" maximum ripping capacity
• Fits most table saws

• Standard 57" rails
• Made from aluminum and steel
• Sturdy

• Maximum rip to the left of blade 13.5"
• 57.5" rails

• Easy installation

• 47.25" rails
• Easy to adjust
• Affordable


• Universal 
• Perfect for beginners
• Affordable
• 16" long rails

• Lightweight
• Compatible with most DeWalt table saws

• Fits most DeWalt table saws

1. Vega U26 – Best Table Saw Fence System Under $400

Best Table Saw Fence System Under $400If you think this is expensive, then check first how you would benefit from it.

Aside from its great build quality, the Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System: 36-Inch Fence Bar fits different saws perfectly for more efficient usage.

It has hole patterns for Contractor, Delta Unisaw, Sears 10-inch, and the Powermatic 66 saw. The body is made of steel and is coated with epoxy that helps prolong its durability over time.

A must-have for most woodshops! Level up your business with the best table saw fence system under $400!

Special Features: 

  • Provides micro-adjustment and supplemental table support.
  • Made from steel and surface is coated with epoxy for prolonged durability.
  • 36″ fence bar, 28″ to right and 8″ to left of blade. 


  • The bigger length provides more space for making contact
  • 26-inch capacity rip cuts on the right side of the blade and 8-inch capacity on the left
  • It makes leveling surface easier with the jacking plates
  • The four-support plates can hold a support table


  • The larger fence design is only ideal for larger wood projects
  • First-time users may find it difficult to assemble the table saw fence


2. Shop Fox W2006 Classic – Best Table Saw Fences for Larger Wood Projects

Best Table Saw Fences for Larger Wood ProjectsThe Shop Fox W2006 – The Classic Fence that has 7′ Rails & Legs is one of the biggest table saws we know that is offered at a fair amount of price!

It may be pricier, but it’s a good value for money, especially if you own a bigger woodshop.

It is designed to fit almost all sizes of contractors and cabinet-style table saws. The heavy-walled rectangular tubing of the fence’s body is powder-coated to withstand any pressure and damage while working on it.

Make sure to get yours on the holidays for discounts!

Special Features: 

  • The wide T-shape style is designed for optimum precision and support.
  • Can mount a magnified cursor on either side of the fence.
  • The low sliding resistance brought by HDPE high durability plastic fence.
  • 54″ maximum rip to the right of the blade.


  • Easy installation
  • 54” ripping capacity provides maximum wood-cutting accuracy
  • Has adjustable slider pads to ensure precise fitting
  • The lift-off design makes it easier for fence removal and reinstallation


  • Preferably not for hobbyists who only do small wood projects
  • Needs modification in installing some parts


3. Shop Fox W2005 – Best Classic Table Saw Fence Under $500

Best Classic Table Saw Fence Under $500One of the most smoother tables saw fences for woodcutting projects.

As professional woodcutters say, it is super accurate and precious. As a result, it becomes a pleasure to use for everyone.

Moreover, table fence sizing is around 42 inches and that means that it is supported by a lot of size tables.

What editor’s liked the most that after the installation, this table saw fence allows a maximum rip capacity of about 25″ to the right edge of the blade. It gives a perfect result for cutting.

All in all, it one of the best classic tables saw fences that should work for professionals and beginners no matter how old your table saw is.

Special Features: 

  • Wide right angle for the best accuracy and support.
  • Supported by tables of multiple sizes.
  • Standard rails 25″ for the maximum rip to the right of the blade.
  • Optional rails 54″ for the maximum rip to the right of the blade.


  • Easy installation
  • Great build quality
  • One of the most accurate tables saw fences
  • It comes with a locking cam action, very similar to the W2006 model


  • Packing could be better
  • You could struggle setting screws


4. Shop Fox W1720 Aluma Classic – Great Table Saw Fence Under $500

Great Table Saw Fence Under $500As our team kept searching for the best table saw fence, yet we saw this on Amazon and thought, “why not give it a try?”.

It has gained both positive and negative reviews, but testing the product on our own would probably do more justice.

The Shop Fox W1720 Aluma-Classic Fence with Long Rails is simply a must-have for both big and small woodshops, as it can be cut down to any size.

It has a 79-inch rail that provides a 50-inch maximum ripping capacity that allows accurate woodcuts, perfect for hobbyists and woodshop owners!

Special Features: 

  • Has a cam-lever front locking system and a self-adhesive measuring tape.
  • Its torsion box design allows this fence to fit on any type of table saw.
  • Standard 79″ long rails for wide panel cutting with a 50-inch maximum ripping capacity.


  • The adjustable magnified cursor for mobility purposes
  • It weighs lightly than other table saw fences but gives the same optimal results
  • It can be adjusted to any size according to the user’s preference
  • Tested durability with its steel and aluminum fence body
  • It fits most table saws


  • Sometimes customers can face shipment issues, like missing parts


5. Shop Fox W1716 Aluma Classic – Easily Adjustable and Durable Saw Fence

Easily Adjustable and Durable Saw FenceOur editor has been looking for an affordable table saw fence that does its job, and we found this.

The Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence with Standard Rails, 57-Inch is an excellent upgrade for a table saw!

To test its performance, we asked some woodshop owners to share their results after a week of usage.

The woodshop owner loved the aluminum frame that keeps it sturdy and durable enough to withstand intense pressure. He also noted that it was surprisingly easy to install, despite its weight and that cutting wood for making doors became a faster and easier process for him.

All in all, he would recommend buying this unit and he would even get one for his shop.

Special Features: 

  • Standard 57” rails.
  • Self-adhesive measuring tape.
  • Made from aluminum and steel.
  • Cam-lever front locking system.
  • It has a heavy-duty locking level to keep the fence in place during woodcutting.


  • Affordable
  • Easy installation
  • Rails made from heavy-duty material with a thick coating
  • Sturdy enough to avoid movements upon ripping


  • Short warranty period
  • The manual is difficult to follow, especially for woodworking beginners


6. Delta 36-T30T3 – One of the Best Budget Table Saw Fence Systems

One of the Best Budget Table Saw Fence SystemsOne of our team members was given the challenge to be a woodshop worker for 3 days, so we can test out the Delta 36-T30T3, 30-inch DELTA T3 Fence System.

With just under $200, he was incredibly satisfied with its performance. The woodshop’s table saw was nearly 22 years old, and he said that the owner couldn’t stop saying how it was one of his best purchases this year.

The Delta T3 is a square tubular rail, designed with a mounting system that allows Delta table saws such as a Hybrid saw and Contractor saw to attach easily.

Another fact worth noting about a Delta table saw fence apart from its affordability, is that you can easily fit it to table saws with little to none modifications.

Special Features: 

  • The front guide rail is locked securely by the fence that allows fence attachments.
  • Smooth-gliding steel tube fence body for easy repetitive cutwork.
  • The mounting design allows attachment for Hybrid, Delta, and Unisaw.
  • Maximum rip to the left of blade 13.5″.
  • Rails: 57.5″
  • Length: 35.5″


  • Affordable
  • Easy installation
  • Solid fence due to aluminum frame
  • Works smoothly and efficiently once installed properly


  • The instructions are difficult to follow
  • Shipping and packaging issues


7. Shop Fox W1410 – Best Table Saw Fence Under $250

Best Table Saw Fence Under $250The Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails stays in excellent alignment, whether the locking mechanism is on or not.

This allows making precision settings hassle-free!

The design and body of the fence are made of high-quality, which explains the sturdiness and durability. It’s definitely a good buy and the perfect upgrade if you own an old table saw.

Special Features: 

  • Fits mostly on major brands with 27″ tables such as Sears, Delta, Artisan, and Shop Fox’s G1022 & G1023.
  • Has ball-bearing rollers that allow smooth movement.
  • It comes with a large locking lever, built-in micro precision adjustment knobs.
  • Rails: 47.25″


  • Anti-kickback
  • An excellent upgrade for old table saws
  • Adjusts smoothly
  • Affordable, heavy-duty fence


  • Instructions are hard to follow
  • Needs certain adjustments upon installation


8. Carter Magfence – TOP Universal Magnetic Fence for Woodworking Beginners

TOP Universal Magnetic Fence for Beginners WoodworkingThe CARTER MAGFENCE The CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal Magnetic Fence works wonders as it attaches magnetically for universal fit on metal table saws.

A lot of woodworkers are in love with the switchable magnets as it makes things easier for them.

Here’s the deal:

This fence easily adheres to every metal surface and it makes it easier for beginners to complete their job.

If you want to level up the accuracy of your wood-cutting, then we definitely recommend getting this bad boy!

Special Features: 

  • Universal magnetic fence.
  • 16″ long, 3-1/2″ tall L-shaped aluminum extrusion with multiple T-slots.
  • Compatible with ALL MAGNETIC FENCE II accessories.


  • Universal fit
  • Affordable and durable
  • It doesn’t require brackets upon attachment
  • Provides more accurate cuts and trims
  • It fits almost every tabletop
  • Perfect for beginners


  • It doesn’t correctly square to the table


9. Dewalt DW745 – Best Table Saw Replacement Fence Under $80

Best Table Saw Replacement Fence Under $80If you need to upgrade your fence assembly, then check this one out!

The Dewalt DW745 Table Saw Replacement Fence Assembly is under $80 only! The team could not believe how affordable it was, and yet it does the job!

As usual, we gave it a test-run for 3-7 days, and I must say, for a fence assembly that is under $80, it performs as well as a $200 one!

It’s a must-have for small woodshops!

Special Features: 

  • Genuine, OEM DeWalt table saw replacement fence assembly, part# 5140060-89.
  • Compatible with DeWalt table saws such as DW745 Type 1, DW745 Type 2, DW745 Type 3, DW745-B2 Type 1, & DW745-B2 Type 3.


  • Affordability
  • It works efficiently, just as it was designed for
  • Lightweight
  • It fits like a glove, mostly to saw fences it is made compatible with


  • Made from average plastic material
  • Cannot withstand extreme pressure


10. Dewalt 514013598 – Best Table Saw Fence Assembly Under $100

Best Table Saw Fence Assembly Under $100Here is another hassle-free, affordable table saw fence assembly made to fit Dewalt models.

If you’re a Dewalt user and you’re looking for an assembly replacement, then this might be the one for you.

Special Features: 

  • Fits various DeWalt Models.
  • E.M authorized part.


  • Affordability
  • Fast delivery and no shipping issues
  • A great upgrade for Dewalt users that has old fence assembly
  • Works as described


  • Not ideal for other brands
  • There are cheaper assemblies that work the same as this


Choosing and Buying a Table Saw Fence: Buyer‘s Guide

To get at least 90% of work done in a woodshop, there has to be a machine doing harder tasks, which is the table saw.

To reach maximum efficiency with minimal time wasted, the shop also has to have a table saw fence. Most beginners don’t know which fence to get because of the many variations out there.

Now that you’ve been given options among the best table saw fences in the market, it’s time to know which of these options suit your shop the best. To do that, you have to know first which type of fence you would need for your shop, regardless of the brand and unit. 

Table saws are built for one purpose only, and that is to spin a saw blade. The saw blade then does the wood cutting, trimming, and shaping, except keeping precise cuts. This is where the table saw fence or guide comes in handy.

How to Choose a Best Table Saw Fence?

How To Choose a Table Saw Fence?

Here, we have listed the things you need to consider that could serve as your guide when buying the perfect table saw fence.

  1. Number of projects

    Consider how much woodwork you do in a day when choosing a fence. It can go from 20 to 100 each day. By answering this, you would know what size of table saw you need for your shop.

  2. The rip size

    Choose a table saw fence that has extended rails if your wood projects require producing bigger cuts.

  3. Weight

    The weight of the fence also matters, as a fence that is too heavy can be difficult to slide well, and may put unwanted pressure on the table, while a fence that weighs too light could be a product of low-build quality. Lighter fences can also break easily.

  4. Technology

    If you want a table saw fence that could make you freely switch between fractions and decimals, then get an automated unit.

  5. Efficiency

    One of the most important things you can consider is the materials that a table saw fence can accommodate. Most woodshop workers use a lot of jigs and fixtures, and these things need to be attached and compatible with the table saw to work efficiently. If you think you will need a table saw that is designed for numerous jigs and fixtures, then go for the best one for sustained usage.

  6. Type

    Know which type of table saw fence you need. There are two types:

    T-square type has a 3-point locking system for maintaining its shape and holding it in position. It is a square-shaped fence that allows easy installation of fixtures and jigs.

    The next type is usually found in table saws, and it easily slides back and forth which allows making cuts through the miter gauge without fear of getting sudden recoil from the materials.

  7. High-quality reviews

    All first-timers would know that research is the key to finding the most suitable product for you, and it usually begins with reading customer reviews.

Now that you know which type of table saw fence you need, make sure to get at least three options before choosing the best one.

Here’s the deal:

Choosing the best three options can help you narrow down the choices you have and compare which among the three will work best for you and your business.

What‘s Our Best Pick?

With the options laid out, our team has voted and picked the best table saw fence we’ve tested, and that is the Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System.

Apart from being made from high-quality aluminum and steel, its whole construction is designed for heavy-duty wood projects, which is intended for people who produce a lot of wood crafts in all shapes and sizes. It has a quick and easy installation and it can fit a number of table saw units!

The next one is the Shop Fox W2006 – The Classic Fence, as it can be used conveniently by both left and right-hand users.

It also fits the majority of the branded table saws, and it offers a good amount of features you would certainly need for woodworking. We highly recommend this unit especially if you‘re looking for great value for money.

Last but not least, the Carter Magfence II Universal Magnetic Fence is a great upgrade for your table saw fence. It can fit various types and sizes of table saw fences and work the same efficiency it does as the other one.

The magnetic fence also allows you to cut, shape, and trim precisely with little to none difficulty. Not only it may be able to make the process of woodcutting faster and easier for you, but it can also provide a quality output that will help your business bloom. Perfect for beginners!

Final Words

Every woodshop owner knows that to reach the maximum efficiency of work, you’ve got to have a table saw, and what better way to level up a table saw by adding complementary tools such as a heavy-duty table saw fence?

If you’re still having a hard time choosing, you can always read this again, especially our guide on how to choose and buy a good table saw fence.

Hope it helps.

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