About HCWoodWorking.com

For some time, together with colleagues, we have been dreaming of creating our own blog where we can share all our experiences about woodworking and apply the information to both beginners and professionals.

The main purpose of HCWoodWorking.com is to give all required information, including woodworking tips, the most popular tool reviews in different categories and even more!

What Does HC Mean?

We’ve added two letters in our name HC that mean HardCore.

The bottom line is that we hope that the content and information posted on our blog will help every woodworker who is dedicated to being professional to reach that goal with our tips and tool reviews as soon as possible. We really hope that our articles will help to reach that.

Author Alvee Beker and the Team

The creator and author of HCWoodWorking.com is Alvee Beker.

Alvee is an aspiring blogger, SEO specialist, tech-guy and businessman from Lithuania. As you probably understand, one of his businesses is related to woodworking as well. This is led to an idea to create a dedicated blog for woodworkers from all over the world.

What About The Team?

In order to provide as much accurate information and advice as possible to you, HCWoodWorking.com is not a one-man show.

Information is collected and maintained by a team of editors and reviewers who are also involved in the field of woodworking.

In this way, we try to make the final information as accurate and easy to understand as possible for our readers.


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